Interactive elements to enrich your virtual reality tour.

EZVR's Content Management System has several possibilities to enrich 360º images. You could create a complete audiovisual experience in a snap. You’ll find below all possible interactive elements, each with an example.


More than one 360º view can be linked together to create a virtual reality tour. Make sure the 360º views are not too far apart from each other to allow end-users have an intuitive experience when viewing. Example


Whenever you'd like to pin point certain parts of the 360º view, you can use info spots. By clicking (or gazing at them in virtual reality mode) the viewer triggers one, two or three square tiles that provide more information. You can design the tiles yourself and use photos, graphs or text. Just avoid putting too much information on one tile. Example

Floor Plan

Floor plans have the ability to keep a good overview of the spaces you visit virtually. It's very simple to drag and drop a floor plan into a virtual tour and pin point the locations of each 360 view. Example


Adding audio to a 360º view gives a little more sense of presence. You can add background music, background noise or a voice over that tells a story about what is there to see. Example

Virtual Reality Mode

Each tour can be viewed with a virtual reality headset. Any headset in combination with a WebVR enabled browser will work. At the moment, the most accessible way to experience EZVR in a virtual reality mode is with a Google Cardboard. In case you own one, open the following url with your smartphone: Example

Quick Navigation

To just browse around, links are the ideal navigation solution. But to switch to a certain 360º view quickly, we offer other navigation options: a hideable menu and a list of thumbnails. Example Example


The looks of an EZVR tour can be customized easily by selecting a skin. We offer a wide variety of skins—from bright red and yellow to sober black.

Easy to share and embed

EZVR tours can be shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and Twitter with just a few mouse clicks. We made sure that a shared tour looks spotless on these platforms. On Facebook and Twitter, you don't even have to leave the website to browse through an EZVR tour. Embedding a tour on your own website is quite straightforward, with a short embed code.